One world currency bitcoin

one world currency bitcoin

This conclusion was made as a result of a study involving Bitcoin, the world's most valuable currency and the most famous stock index. This digital currency began circulating on the internet in with each Bitcoin worth just a tiny bit of "real" money, but right now a single Bitcoin is. In fact, I am not with the single currency system at all, and in any case the bitcoin currency, even if it dominates the world very much one day.

One world currency bitcoin

One world currency bitcoin cpu litecoins miner one world currency bitcoin

Bitcoin BTC is the first and most popular digital currency in the world, it has been issued since

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But these are unusual times. In summary, we have several compounding problems making up the Jenga tower:. Now for the good news. Forged in the Bretton Woods agreement after World War II, it has managed to do its job pretty well, even though it has not been without criticism. Hey, running the world economy is tricky. Again: oversimplification. Now, let me take you one step further. Your points get loaded onto a card, you spend the points to play games: a mini-economy, designed by Dave and Dr.

Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of England, was saying this back in He had to tiptoe around the idea, because it seemed so radical. In the age of Coronavirus, it no longer seems radical: it seems necessary. Why will we create a one-world currency? The United States cannot handle this alone.

Who will make this happen? There needs to be strong political will — meaning strong, motivated leaders who can lead the charge on this project. And the blockchain community can help figure out the tech. How will it work? Just like your regular currency today. We kicked around a bunch of names. Imagine a global unit of money, like a dollar, but freely accepted by any country, anywhere in the world.

One money for one planet. The stats for global consumer debt show that low interest rates have encouraged consumers to take on ever-increasing amounts of debt and have therefore artificially increased demand over the last decade. It is this artificial demand that has fuelled economic growth over the last 10 years.

However, interest rates around the world are beginning to rise again and consumer debt levels are already at all-time highs. What does this mean? It means consumer disposable income should shrink as consumers repay their debts. All these assets usually fall in value during economic recession. So, will people sit back and watch their net wealth fall? Or will they look for uncorrelated assets to hedge and attempt to preserve their wealth?

It is in this exact situation where most people will be searching for an asset that acts as a store of value. If Bitcoin is truly digital gold, then it should benefit from increased net-fund inflows and increased adoption in these circumstances. Since the financial crisis, investing in the stock market has been exceptionally profitable.

What has made this miraculous bull run possible? Most would agree that a combination of near-zero interest rates and quantitative easing were behind this rise. However, things are changing. Global interest rates are on the rise, and quantitative tightening is being deployed as a policy across numerous central banks. There are a couple of key signs that indicate that the global bull run in stocks is ready to correct.

The Homebuilders ETF is a good indicator of consumer confidence. If consumers are feeling good about the economy, then they will be more likely to buy new homes. Both indicators have seen a correction in The graphs below show the price action for each ETF from to today. The interesting thing is that the market tops before the financial crisis and in are nearly exactly the same.

The point is that the level of valuations seems to be respected. No one can say when a crash will happen. However, the charts indicate that we are in the last innings of the current credit cycle. Quantitative easing has also played a vital role in propping up global stock markets over the last 10 years. Companies have been able to borrow money essentially for free.

Hopefully, you can now see that the global economy is not all sunshine and rainbows. The truth is that we are currently experiencing bubbles in:. All this has been a direct result of fiat currencies along with government and central bank policy. Debt caused the financial crisis, and it was all about nations bailing out financial institutions. However, the current figures for consumer and national debt indicate that the next crisis will be about whole nations being bailed out. The question is whether anyone will be able to stump up the cash.

Fortunately for the United States, it is technically impossible for the nation to ever default. The reason why is that U. If push came to shove, the United States could just print more dollars to service its debt and bail itself out. However, by doing so, it would destroy the purchasing power of its citizens and any USD holders.

If the U. Countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and Syria are already experiencing problems with inflation. In each of these affected countries, the purchasing power of their citizens is being destroyed. As citizens continue to lose faith in their currency, they naturally look towards alternative means of exchange. Not surprisingly, the United States has the highest levels of Bitcoin trading — it is the most wealthy country, after all.

There is little doubt that speculation is the main driving force behind Bitcoin adoption in developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. However, why is Venezuela ranked fourth on the list of June trading volume stats? Well, Venezuela is currently experiencing the worst hyperinflation on the planet. Estimates from the IMF put the expected levels of Venezuelan inflation at 1 million percent in It is quite clear that Venezuelan citizens cannot trust their government or financial institutions to preserve their purchasing power.

The hyperinflation we see in Venezuela is exactly what happens when citizens lose faith in their national currency. The data seem to indicate that an increasing number of Venezuelans are converting their currency into Bitcoin. The interesting thing is that Bitcoin adoption also seems to be increasing in other countries like Argentina, which is suffering from a milder economic crisis. Fiat currency derives its value from the citizens of a country having faith that it actually has value.

In times of economic crisis, this faith is regularly shattered. What makes things worse is that in hard economic times, governments tend to impose oppressive capital controls to try and prop up their currency. Naturally, citizens lose faith in their government, currency, and financial institutions.

That exact situation happened in Venezuela. Bitcoin offers an alternative to fiat currency. Yes, it is volatile right now. However, the fixed supply of 21 million Bitcoin means that it cannot be hyperinflated. Fiat currencies, on the other hand, have technically an infinite supply.

This means that citizens need to have faith that their government and central banks will preserve their purchasing power. With that confidence broken, it appears that people are now choosing to place their faith in Bitcoin.

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