Bitcoin as a commodity

bitcoin as a commodity

Marx Crypto перевод на Русский Изучай английский с помощью книг, (or: bitcoins) do indeed have a value as any other commodity in capitalism does. 'There are three eras of currency: commodity based, politically based, and now, math based.' Let's keep it simple! Cadberry sells chocolates to. For many investors the decision isn't about "IF" bitcoin belongs in their portfolio, but "where" does it Bitcoin May be a Commodity.

Bitcoin as a commodity

Dunand praised the possibilities of blockchain technology, while saying regulatory risk would prevent the company using Bitcoin in its own accounts. He said he saw growing political "alignment" on the issue, while praising efforts by Platts and others to provide low-carbon benchmarking. In all these places you see a bigger sense of urgency. The US for instance is coming up with a very interesting program to help India develop more renewable power sources.

Это можно сделать безвозмездно и просто. Воспользуйтесь клавишей внизу. Мы вернем вас сюда по завершении. Вебинары Растущее влияние американской нефти - глобальная перспектива TZ Онлайн. Наша методология Методология и спецификации Ценовые оценки Рекламация. В фокусе Видеоматериалы Особые отчеты. MLM is a dynamic marketing strategy by which the distributors are remunerated for the sales generated by them.

It was first introduced in the mid twentieth century by a company named Nutrilite in order to educate potential buyers about the importance of vitamins in their daily life. However, MLM has come a long way from then. It has transformed into a dynamic and modern marketing practice by which businessmen enhance the demand of their products and services by providing the distributors with attractive incentives for their performance.

This article aims to discuss the nexus fabricated between the novel bitcoin industry and the century old MLM strategy. Who gives the value to the currency in our wallets? What makes a hundred dollar bill worth a hundred dollars? The currency of a state derives its value from the monetary authorities of that particular state and its subsequent demand variations. Therefore, we understand that the demand of a product is the basic tool which estimates the value of the same.

However, could an individual produce a currency and assign it with a certain value? Yes, as evidenced by bitcoins which are produced or mined by people themselves through computers which run software that solve mathematical problems. The crypto currency industry runs parallel to the actual financial sector including the banks and financial authorities. Therefore, the value of crypto currencies such as bitcoins ultimately rests upon its demand and supply due to the absence of any particular authority to regulate the same.

The concept of crypto currencies such as bitcoins aims at instituting financial liberty by providing a platform for a currency that is not governed by any authority. Therefore, the control on the production of bitcoins would depend on the demand of the same. The economic predicaments of the global financial crisis of have brought light on the ponzi schemes that develop in the financial sector.

Therefore, investors now exercise a higher degree of caution before pouring their resources into a single novel financial commodity. However, over the past few years an unprecedented expansion of the bitcoin industry has been witnessed due to the security and tranquility in the transactions. Bitcoin transactions provide a high degree of transparency and security due to the existence of a global ledger known as the blockchain. Every bitcoin transaction is confirmed only once it has been recorded onto another ledger of the bitcoin network.

Therefore, it is difficult for the players of the industry to manipulate the market due to the authenticity of the transactions and the transparency of the records. In the present day scenario, the value of bitcoins is largely based on speculation rather than actual payment volume.

However, the bitcoin currency should have a certain value before it could bear any amount of real world payment volume. Therefore, the rise in the value of bitcoins due to the increase in its speculative demand has been proving the worth of bitcoins in virtual transactions around the globe. However, the usage of bitcoins has been limited to very few merchants and customers due to its volatility and uncertainty.

Million dollar companies such as Microsoft, Dell and Zynga have modernized their financial policies in order to accept payments in bitcoin currencies. Hence, bitcoin miners and traders are placed with the mammoth task of elevating the demand of bitcoins in the domestic marketplace in order to increase the value of the same. Nonetheless, the demand of a commodity would only increase when the consumers identify the needs and benefits of the same.

This is where the notion of bitcoins overtakes the dynamics of the MLM strategy. The popular MLM strategy has been used by various companies and organizations with the view to coax people into purchasing their unpopular products. MLM is generally practiced by companies that produce specific novel products and services that require a certain amount of persuasive marketing in order to entice potential buyers.

The buyers would not usually invest their resources into a product or commodity that has no value in the marketplace. Therefore, it could primarily be comprehended that intricate contemporary commodities, such as bitcoins, which involves substantial financing would require adequate marketing at a global platform in order to grab the attention of the merchants.

Bitcoin traders provide various MLM propositions with the view to attract merchants with different incentives to use the new crypto currency technology at their work place. A currency would have no value if it is not accepted by merchants in their daily transactions. Hence, the general MLM model would not suffice the requirement of the bitcoin promoters due to its complexity and the fact that the merchants or businesses are the primary users of their commodity.

The colossal duty of the bitcoin promoters is to elevate the demand of the same by luring the local merchants to accept bitcoins as a currency at their outlets. This can be elucidated with the help of the following illustration: Bitcoin promoters attract and engage marketing distributors in different countries with the view to promote the usage of bitcoins at the domestic markets of those countries.

The merchants would only be charged with a negligible transactional fee when their customers use bitcoins to pay for their expenses at the outlet. Therefore, the merchants who accept these bitcoins at their outlets would have the opportunity to scrimp the ancillary commission costs that they would generally incur when their customers pay with credit or debit cards.

Further, the distributors would also receive a percentage of their sales as a commission in exchange for the sales generated by them. The customers at these local shops and outlets would have no value for bitcoins unless they are domestically accepted as a means of payment. Therefore, bitcoin promoters indulge in these convoluted schemes in order to foster the use of bitcoins at the local shops and outlets as they are the ultimate end users of these commodities.

Only time will tell the enormity of the issues associated with the fusion of the bitcoin industry and the MLM strategy. Статьи по Теме. Криптовалюта: что такое Биткоин? Столкновение Юрисдикций: Применение исламских принципов финансирования в согласовании с Английским правом. Принуждение иностранных судебных решений в Объединенных Арабских Эмиратах ОАЭ Introduction With the spread of globalization, technical and technological evolution, changes in communication means and transportations, economic freedom and free trade around the world have reinforced the idea that businesses….

Project Financing -a Primer Project Finance as the technique of financing any development idea is rapidly increasing in developing countries due to their drive to gain industrial development and improve infrastructural amenities. Survival Of The Fittest - Asset Securitization in the UAE The global financial market has been constantly remodeling itself, more so in the wake of the global economic meltdown which tainted asset securitization activity. Till Breach do us apart - The Law Surrounding Prepayment Premiums There is a rigorous need for consistency in the market dealing with publicly traded securities as rapid advancements in the legal diaspora can add unwitting complexity to the requirements of….

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Is Bitcoin a Currency or a Commodity?


As an initial matter, it comes as no surprise that the CFTC is calling bitcoin a commodity. The CFTC had signaled its views on the subject nearly a year ago , and I wrote about its potential implications around the same time. For financial newbies, a financial derivative is essentially a contract to buy, sell, or pay, contingent upon the price of a something else. More broadly, the classification also now means it is more likely the CFTC could, under its market manipulation authority, police fraudulent activities on exchanges where bitcoins — and not just bitcoin derivatives — are traded.

However, the CFTC has suggested it is not particularly interested in going down that path, and in fact there may be some limits on its ability to do so without a specific connection to commodities derivatives markets. This leaves the primary impact of the enforcement action itself to be felt by companies like Coinflip, which offer bitcoin derivatives to users in the US. Using derivatives to stabilize value is awkward on a one-off basis, but commercialized and regularized through smart contracts, it gives holders the experience of owning bitcoins with a stable price, even when the market price for bitcoins continues to fluctuate.

Recall, though, that while cooperation with an investigation is sometimes a good strategy, willy-nilly and lawyer-less discussion with government investigators almost never is. Still, this enforcement action suggests that, without something more flagrant, criminal punishment for these types of offenses is not especially likely. Bitcoin is now officially a commodity. Even small unregistered sellers of bitcoin derivatives are wise to make plans to deal with potential enforcement actions.

Washington DC image via Shutterstock. This is not legal advice, and is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship. You can reach Jared at jmarx hwglaw. The leader in news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group , which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

This has made the classification of Bitcoin difficult. The debate on the financial status of Bitcoin has been on for quite some time within the world of FinTech. Over the years, Bitcoin has been considered as security, currency, or commodity depending on perspective. Most Bitcoin enthusiasts consider Bitcoin as security, while the U. The only reason why Bitcoin could be considered security is mostly because it has monetary value and can be interchanged for other commodities.

Most people trade Bitcoin just precisely the way stocks are traded, since stocks are securities, that means Bitcoin has securities tendencies. Also, Bitcoin could also be used as bonds if the government will approve. Owning it can be an asset since it has the potential of rising in value in the future. SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton is of the opinion that Bitcoin cannot be security since it is already serving as currency and also has the tendencies of replacing national currencies.

That type of currency is not a security. On the other hand, Bitcoin is classified as a commodity like gold, since Bitcoin can be bought with Fiat and other digital currency. And mostly because of its inherent value, its price is the same globally. Commodities include agricultural products, fuels, and metals and are traded in bulk on a commodity exchange or spot market. In the end, Bitcoin can either be a security, currency or commodity depending on the perspective you are looking at it from.

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